#ChangeMakers Meet Kelvin Doe: Self Taught Sierra Leonean inventor Bettering The World Through Scrap

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Changemaker Kevin Doe: Sierra Leonean inventor

‘Creativity is universal and can be found in places where one does not expect to find it.’

While lack of availability of materials to pitch forth creative aww-worthy solutions to problems might seem like a pretty good excuse, for this Sierra Leonean inventor, that sums up to invalid.

Born in humble beginnings in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, in October 1996, Kelvin Doe, 25, displayed extraordinary genius right from childhood; at age 10, driven by passion and the need to solve the problem of epileptic power supply began collecting, discarded scrap metal. At age 13, he was already self-taught, putting his creativity to test over and again, innovation birthed transmitters, batteries, and generators from scrap. Dedication and brilliance paved the way and skyrocketed him to both national and international fame in 2012, gathering coverage from CNN, NBC News, The Huffington Post amongst other media outlets. At age 15, his impressive resume included building a radio transmitter, three-channel mixer, and microphone receiver. A year later after winning the top prize at Innovate Salone, he was afforded the opportunity to Massachusetts where he became the youngest-ever “visiting practitioner” with the MIT International Development Initiative, establishing him as a voice in the world of innovation.

Doe, also known as DJ Focus is also known for building a generator for his community from spare parts as well as powering on a community radio station from recycled materials. From anonymous talent, today he is amongst the continent’s most renowned innovators.

At Harvard, Doe became a lecturer of undergraduate engineering students and speaker at TEDxTeen. He signed a $100,000 solar solution project with a Canadian Wi-Fi company to develop and test the project in 2013.

Kelvin Doe’s skill and talent have brought him before several world leaders including former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Ghanaian President, Nana Akufo-Addo. In 2016, Kelvin Doe became an Honorary Board member of Emergency USA, a non-profit organization with a vision of providing free medical and surgical care to victims of war and poverty. The same year, he kicked off his startup as KDoe-Tech where he designs and sells consumer electronics and Kelvin Doe Foundation

Currently resident in Canada, Kevin Doe continues building up knowledge and doing what he knows best, empowering his world.

‘The more I’m able to empower myself, the more I can do things that sustain the world as a whole.’

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