Nigeria’s Sectra Sede Stuns in Royal National Costume at Miss Supranational 2024

by Joseph Omoniyi
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Nigeria’s representative at the Miss Supranational 2024 competition, Sectra Sede, captivated audiences during the preliminary segment with an awe-inspiring display of cultural heritage. Donning an exquisite traditional outfit designed by renowned Nigerian designer Patrick Isorena, Sede paid homage to Queen Omosede Idia, the IYOBA of the Benin Kingdom.

The outfit was a remarkable representation of Benin royalty and culture. It featured the traditional IVIE (coral beads), symbolizing nobility and heritage, and the OKUKU headwear, a symbol of the grandeur and royalty of Edo women. The ensemble not only highlighted Sede’s elegance but also showcased the rich traditions of the Benin Empire.

Sede’s appearance in this regal attire was met with widespread admiration. Her team shared that the costume was designed to capture her fearless spirit and her commitment to transcending borders while upholding her beliefs. This embodiment of courage and cultural pride positioned her as a beacon of inspiration on the global stage.

Sectra Sede’s performance in the Miss Supranational competition goes beyond beauty, offering a powerful narrative of cultural pride and the enduring legacy of the Benin Kingdom. Her choice of attire and the story it tells resonate deeply with audiences worldwide, making her a standout participant in the competition.

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