‘How I Bounced Back After Losing Half My Company’ – Jennifer Obiekwugo

By Duchess Magazine

When it comes to entrepreneurship, triumphs are often forged in the furnace of trials, and the path to success is strewn with obstacles. Jennifer Obiekwugo, the visionary founder of Feman Media Agency, is no stranger to the relentless challenges that can accompany the pursuit of one’s dreams. In an exclusive interview with Duchess International Magazine, Jennifer shares a chapter of her outstanding journey, one marked by an extraordinary setback that could have derailed her ambitions.

Starting with Femen Media Agency, originally known as Fine Digital Agency, Jennifer was eager to explore the burgeoning realm of digital marketing in Nigeria and embarked on a mission to carve her niche within the broader spectrum of media advertising. It was a bold endeavor, one that would demand unshakable determination and perseverance.

She began her career with only two clients, one of whom was her cousin. These initial clients paid just enough to cover the salaries of her two employees, leaving Jennifer without a paycheck herself. For an entire year, she persevered and kept pushing forward, constantly writing proposals and trying to secure new clients.

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She revealed, “I was struggling to make ends meet. I had to write a lot of proposals and visit potential clients, which required a lot of patience. But I don’t take “no” for an answer. Some clients took up to two years to understand what I was offering before they finally said yes. It can be tough at the beginning, but I knew I had to keep pushing.”

As she continued to grow, Jennifer confronted a defining moment that could have halted her journey. Originally under the banner of Fine Digital Agency, her primary goal was to test the uncharted waters of digital marketing in Nigeria before venturing into broader media advertising domains.

However, a formidable challenge threatened the rail of her aspirations. A rift with her business partner transpired a rift that would prove to be more than a mere disagreement. Her partner not only discredited her but also orchestrated the loss of several multinational clients with extensive subsidiary networks.

“The only half of the businesses that I got to keep was a difficult time, really. But like I said again, my resilience. I don’t know how to take a fight lying down, so I picked myself up, and we grew from there,” Jennifer said.

The repercussions of this disheartening episode were profound. To navigate these treacherous waters, Jennifer was compelled to make the painful decision to downsize her workforce and restructure her operations. This pivotal moment could have been the conclusion of many entrepreneurial tales, yet for Jennifer Obiekwugo, it was the catalyst for a remarkable resurgence. Her remarkable resilience, and ‘never-say-never-spirit came to the fore. The adversity she immediately turned the barrier into a springboard for her business, stepping into new heights.

Jennifer’s indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship and ability to bounce back and thrive, even after losing half her company, is a reference book of study for many who aspire to carve their own path in the business world. Jennifer’s tale and belief in herself, are a resounding reminder that anyone can achieve their dreams, no matter the odds.

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