FASHION FOCUS: Ibiyemi Alabi – The Brain Behind One Of Africa’s Foremost Emerging Designer Showcase

By Duchess Magazine

More than talent and action, fact check – today’s global world, ridden by racism and discrimination, defined utterly by abhorent doctrines such as white supremacy and therefore lack of racial diversity in different sectors have placed African Americans at a disadvantage, having to work twice as hard to be equal, to get well deserved recognition.

Thankfully however, with the emergence of vocal voices who have decided to rise from the sidelines and change statusquo by empowering the black community, absolute subjugation is now being uprooted and desigated to the past. Today we zoom in on the fashion world as we celebrate a Duchess paving way for emerging talents, giving them a platform to be seen and become empowered, she is Ibiyemi Alabi, Founder PAFASH and Kaft Trendz.

Let’s dive right in:

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