The Important Detail You Missed In Janelle Monáe’s Grammys Look

By Duchess Magazine

There is the expected way of doing something, and then there is the Janelle Monáe way. Case in point: When celebs vowed to wear white roses to music’s biggest night of the year — a move that pays homage to the suffragettes, who, led by Susan B. Anthony, fought to get women the right to vote — the multi-hyphenate star took the act of protest one step further… by wearing flowers on her tux, its lapel, her ears, and, like the beauty girl she is, pinned in her hair.
The floral pattern brought a refreshing burst of color to her ensemble and her teal-meets-purple eyeshadow look (created with Buxom’s Hold The Line Waterproof Eyeliner in Ring My Bell) was certainly attention-grabbing — but it’s the fact that she chose to use her hair and accessories to represent something so much bigger that made the most impact.
Though the white rose symbol was dreamt up by a group called Voices in Entertainment to bring home the message of hope, peace, sympathy, and resistance, this is not the first time Monáe has stood in solidarity of women within the industry. “I am PROUD to wear my BLACK & be a part of this movement,” she wrote before the 2018 Golden Globes. “Today I stand boldly w/ my sisters & everyone fighting for equity & parity across all industries . I want safety for every worker in every occupation. I want inclusion of all women & marginalized people. NOW. #TIMESUP.”
Daring, expressive, and a nod to feminine rebellion — hair looks a lot better when kissed by a rose, don’t you think?

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