Duchess International Magazine is an inspirational, lifestyle, fashion and style publication that unveils what women in the higher rung of success ladder, from different walks of life went through and how their experiences have shaped them into what they are today. The magazine aims to give answers to common questions the modern woman may have about life by providing rich information and informed opinions on issues relating to the female gender.


Duchess International Magazine exclusively focuses on the uniqueness, strength and relevance of women, hence, our slogan: “inspiring and showcasing women”. It is indeed a companion to every woman that seeks knowledge, entertainment, information, self-discovery and self-development.  At the same time, it offers women all over the world the platform to learn, unlearn, share, teach and encourage one another for the greater good of humanity.


The magazine is an online and print magazine that is targeted for ages between 11 to 40 years and our publication covers the entire African continent, United Kingdom, some parts of Europe and America. Duchess International Magazine aims to be the first and foremost Pan-African women’s magazine that will be distributed in the 54 countries in the continent. Contact us here.

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