Photos: Africa is the Home of Art

by Joseph Omoniyi
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Africa is a special place where people have been creating beautiful and amazing things for a very, very long time. People in Africa have been making art for thousands of years. They use different materials like paint, clay, wood, and even things they find in nature like rocks and feathers. They make all sorts of things like colorful paintings, sculptures, masks, and even beautiful jewelry.

The art in Africa is very unique and special because it often tells stories about their history, culture, and traditions. It’s like a way for them to express themselves and share their ideas and beliefs with others. People from all over the world admire and appreciate the art from Africa because it’s so beautiful and meaningful.

This year’s African Cup Of Nations, AFCON in Ivory Coast, African football fans from different parts of the continent have taken the opportunity to put on display, the beautiful and creative spirit embedded in the African art and extremely rich culture. See images below:

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