Beyond Office Walls: Benue State Former Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Tabitha Igirgi is a Champion of Transformation

by Joseph Omoniyi
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The Former Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development in Benue State, Tabitha Igirgi has a remarkable story that has shaped her passion for women’s empowerment. With a passion for promoting gender equality and empowering women, Igirgi dedicated her career to implementing initiatives and programs that uplifted the lives of women and fostered social development in the state. Throughout her tenure, she faced numerous challenges but overcame them with sheer determination. Her efforts left a lasting impact on gender equality, women empowerment, and social development in Benue State, and she left a legacy that continues to inspire others in the field.

Born and raised in a small village, she understood firsthand the challenges faced by women in her community. Despite the limited resources and opportunities, she was determined to pursue her education and create a positive change. Driven by her desire to make a difference, Igirgi ventured into public service and dedicated her career to advocating for women’s rights and social development. With her strong educational background and strong will to make a great impact in her society, she quickly rose through the ranks, gaining recognition for her remarkable abilities and commitment to the cause.

As the Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, the self-driven woman spearheaded numerous initiatives to promote gender equality and empower women in Benue State. She worked tirelessly to eliminate gender-based discrimination and promote a society where women have equal opportunities to thrive. Her efforts included advocating for legislative reforms, supporting women entrepreneurship, and ensuring access to quality education for girls.

Recognizing the importance of social welfare programs, Igirgi made it her priority to improve and expand existing initiatives. She focused on enhancing access to healthcare, education, and social support systems for vulnerable populations, including women, children, and the elderly. Her tireless efforts resulted in increased funding for social welfare programs and improved services across the state.

Understanding the significance of skill acquisition for women’s economic empowerment, Igirgi launched various training programs to equip women with essential skills. These programs aimed to enhance their employability, promote entrepreneurship, and provide them with the necessary tools to achieve financial independence. Through these initiatives, many women were able to start their own businesses and contribute to the economic growth of their communities.

Igirgi recognized the importance of raising awareness about women’s rights and eliminating harmful cultural practices. She led numerous awareness campaigns, leveraging traditional and digital platforms to educate the public about gender equality, reproductive health, and the importance of ending gender-based violence. These campaigns helped challenge societal norms and empower women to assert their rights and lead fulfilling lives.

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Like many public servants, Igirgi faced the challenge of limited resources and funding. However, she used her wit and resourcefulness to secure partnerships with local organizations, leveraging their support to maximize the impact of her initiatives. Through strategic collaborations and creative problem-solving, Mrs Igirgi was able to stretch every resource at her disposal and achieve significant results.

Tackling deeply ingrained cultural barriers and stereotypes was another obstacle Igirgi encountered in her role. She approached this challenge with patience and persistence, engaging with community leaders, religious institutions, and influential figures to change mindsets and promote gender equality. Her relentless efforts helped shift societal attitudes, creating a more inclusive and empowering environment for women in Benue State.

When Tabitha Igirgi assumed the role of Benue State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, one of her primary goals was to increase the participation of women in decision-making processes. Through her tireless efforts, she has been able to break down barriers and create opportunities for women to have a seat at the table.

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Igirgi has actively encouraged and supported women to run for political office, resulting in a significant increase in female representation in local government and other decision-making bodies. She has also championed initiatives to ensure that women’s voices are heard and considered in the formulation and implementation of policies that impact them directly.

Recognizing the crucial role economic empowerment plays in advancing gender equality, Mrs Tabitha Igirgi has implemented various programs aimed at improving the economic status of women in Benue State. Her focus has been on providing training, resources, and access to finance for women entrepreneurs in both rural and urban areas.

Under her leadership, numerous skill acquisition programs have been initiated, equipping women with the necessary knowledge and tools to start their own businesses. Additionally, Mrs Igirgi has facilitated partnerships with microfinance institutions and other financial institutions to ensure women have access to affordable credit and other financial services.

Mrs Tabitha Igirgi understands the power of collaboration and actively sought partnerships with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to enhance social development in Benue State. By working hand in hand with NGOs, she was been able to leverage their expertise and resources to implement effective programs and initiatives.

These collaborations focused on a wide range of areas, including women’s empowerment, education, healthcare, and social welfare. By pooling resources and knowledge, Mrs Igirgi and the NGOs she has worked with have been able to make a significant impact on the lives of the people in Benue State.

Recognizing the importance of global cooperation in achieving sustainable social development, Tabitha Igirgi has engaged with international development agencies to tap into their expertise and resources. Through these partnerships, she was able to access technical support, and best practices from around the world.

By collaborating with international development agencies, Mrs Igirgi was able to enhance the effectiveness of her programs and initiatives. This engagement has also facilitated knowledge exchange and learning opportunities, enabling her to stay updated on global trends and innovative approaches in the field of women affairs and social development.

Tabitha Igirgi’s exceptional work in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in Benue State has earned her numerous honors and celebrations. Her hardwork in improving the lives of women and promoting social development have not gone unnoticed.

Beyond the awards and recognition, Mrs Tabitha Igirgi’s work has left a lasting impact on women and social development in Benue State. Through her efforts, more women are actively participating in decision-making processes, and their economic empowerment has improved significantly.

Women now have increased access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, leading to greater gender equality and improved overall living conditions. Igirgi’s legacy will continue to inspire future generations and serve as a reference to what can be achieved with passion and sheer will to serve.

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