#Racism #PoliceBrutality : Black Innovator Launches App That Helps Users Active Own Body Cams When Pulled Over By The Police

By Duchess Magazine

ANJEL Tech founder: James A. Samuel. Jr

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Michael Brown…more recently 20 year old dad, Daunte Wright, racial profiling has taken the lives of too many black people but now, the statistics is about to change! Burdened by the plight of the black community and inspired to make a difference to prevent the increase in painful statistics, James A. Samuel, Jr. an Intelligence expert with more than 30 years of experience working for the federal government, is on a mission to help save Black lives with the launch of his app called – ANJEL Tech.

The ANJEL Tech amazingly can turn any smartphone into the world’s most powerful bodycam during confrontations with the police, blacknews.com reports.

Speaking on his reason for creating the app, James said that he became tired of a world where kids who barely know anything feel unsafe because of their skin. So he decided to come up with
ANJEL Tech, a secure, mobile, and cloud-based app which will increase safety for the black community.

“Body cams can’t just be for police,” he says. “So I created ANJEL Tech to enable a person’s phone to act as a body cam and a lifeline to loved ones to increase safety and accountability.”

He continues, “When George Floyd was being asphyxiated, he was calling out verbally for his mother. When Lt. Caron Nazario was pulled over, he recorded the incident on his phone, but imagine if they both had been able to instantly and automatically alert their loved ones to come. Imagine if the footage of any these horrific incident had been controlled by the victim himself. That’s what ANJEL Tech does. I’ve created an app that reduces the emotional, financial, and physical toll of racial profiling.”

Upon activation, the ANJEL Tech app discretely swiftly goes to live stream mode without the aggressor noticing. It records the incident as well as alerts with GPS directions to the person’s location in order to help loved ones be there in an instant to provide help.

The app also automatically saves the audio and footage that can be utilized which would be helpful when demanding accountability. Even more, the video evidence is kept secure and accessible unlike the footage from police cams that can easily be edited or deleted.

“I know too many Black moms who have received a phone call that turned their world upside down in an instant. And too many others who’ve had to live with the possibility of it happening every day since the first time their kid left for school,” James said. “Watching George Floyd asphyxiated on that asphalt scared me, awakened me, and motivated me to change the world.”

“My team and I ultimately created this app to help Black moms protect and save their kids’ lives, and help more Black children live and grow into adulthood and meet those expected life milestones such as school graduation, marriage, family/ children, career, homeownership, etc.”

James has over 30 years of federal experience working for the U.S. Department of Defense. He has worked as an engineer, an F-15 fighter pilot, and an Intelligence Analyst.

ANJEL Tech can be downloaded from the Apple’s iOS app store or by visiting https://anjel.live


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