One Heart That Beats Across Rich Dark Soil, Happy Valentine

by Joseph Omoniyi
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From the shores of Gambia to the sands of Sudan

From the savannas of Senegal to the forests of Ghana

A love story unfolds, a tale of nations

Of diverse cultures and rich traditions.

In Guinea Bissau, with its rich history

And Cameroon, with its vibrant energy

The rhythm of life beats strong and bold

And in Congo, a story untold.

Nigeria, with its melting pot of cultures

Somalia, with its rich heritage and structures

Kenya, with its endless skies so blue

And Ethiopia, with its ancient history true.

And Rwanda, with its stunning beauty

And the other nations, so rich and lovely

Together they form a heart so warm

A continent of love, so strong and firm.

So let us celebrate this love we share

For Africa, our home, so beautiful and fair

With open arms and hearts so bright

For the love of Africa shines so bright.




Joseph Omoniyi

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