February Duchess of the Month: Hon. Ajoke Moromoke Aminat Obe. AMA’s Journey to Making a Difference

by Joseph Omoniyi
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Hon Ajoke Moromoke Aminat Obe. AMA, the Executive Vice Chairman of Àgbàdo oke odo Local Government Development Area, marked her entry into the political arena with a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of her people. A private person by nature, she realized the importance of selflessness in her quest to bring development and self-actualization to her community.

Ajoke has always been vocal about her love for peace and quiet but also acknowledged that life should not always be about the individual. Her goal is to be the arrowhead of a renewed drive to bring governance closer to the people. She stated, “I want to be different. I have always been different. I want to be a connector in the true sense of the word.”

Ajoke’s journey to the public office began with a deep search of her own mind and the realization that public service was the only road to travel if she wanted to achieve her goal. She knows she can make a difference, having already done so without being in power, and is confident of her capacity to do even more.

However, she recognizes that she cannot make this journey alone and seeks the support of her friends and family, who she considers to be a part of her journey.

Ajoke’s passion for her community, her drive for selflessness, and her commitment to making a difference make her an inspiring figure in the political landscape. With her slogan “AMA”, an acronym from her name, she intends to be a beacon of hope for her constituents, connecting with them and bringing governance closer to the people.

Hon. Ajoke Moromoke Aminat Obe. AMA’s entry into public office is a testament to her desire to break barriers and make a difference in her community.





Joseph Omoniyi



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