Duchess Of The Month:Renowned Clinical Herbalist Christiana Olapade Ojo Unlocking Limitless Possibilities Beyond Modern Medicine

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The future of healthcare is natural medicine. For decades, the health care industry has been streamlined to adapt to solutions in the field of health and healing from the white man’s perspective, but in recent times, evidence has shown before our very eyes lie far more effective solutions within the African traditional medicine.

“The future of natural medicine is my passion. I prefer to call natural medicine as complementary medicine or holistic medicine. It is the future of healthcare, not just in Nigeria and Africa, but in the world.” – Christiana Olapade Ojo.

Renowned Clinical Herbalist, Christiana Olapade Ojo, Chief Clinical Administrator at NARL Specialist Clinic, Centre for Research and Development of Phytomedicines, and NARL consult, is a Natural health and wellness advocate.


She is a health & dietary Counsellor
as well as as a well-being advocate and youth mentor.

While being born into the practice of herbal medicine many thanks to
her late father, a core advocate of natural medicine Professor Ebenezer Olapade, a geneticist and consultant to Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), founder of Natural Resources Laboratories (NARL) Clinic, an Ibadan-based who passed on in 2014, she has since ignited her passion and has successfully formulated, produced, clinically administered, documented and evaluated the side effects and interactions of herbal remedies for almost two decades.

Christiana Ojo delved into the practice professionally in 2002 after being certified by the Oyo state Ministry of health and has continually made an impact within the field.


As mandated by The World Health Organisation (WHO), an herbalist, going into the practice of clinical herbal medicine should have a first degree in Botany, Olapade Ojo obtained her first degree in Botany from the University of Ibadan, Oyo states Nigeria. She also holds a second degree in Ethnomedicine from the same school. Her thirst for knowledge led her to also obtain Certificates and attended courses in Natural Medicine, Pharmacognosy, Mental health-home care, Preliminary diagnostic techniques, and Toxicology.

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