Duchess Daily Affirmation: Pursue Perfection and You Will Catch Excellence

by Joseph Omoniyi
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Pursuing perfection and catching excellence – two phrases that often go hand in hand, yet there are many who argue that perfection is an impossible standard to attain, and therefore, one should focus on excellence instead. As someone who has been in the pursuit of perfection for a long time, I can tell you that it’s a journey full of ups and downs. But, what I’ve come to learn is that the pursuit of perfection, can lead you to the capture of excellence.

First, let’s start with the basics. What is perfection and what is excellence? Perfection is an ideal that is always unattainable, whereas excellence is a level of quality that is achievable. In essence, perfection is a state of being, while excellence is a state of doing. Perfection is subjective, as each individual has their own definition of what perfection is, while excellence is objective and can be measured against established standards.

In the pursuit of perfection, one may focus on the smallest of details, spending countless hours trying to perfect their craft. However, what happens when that elusive state of perfection is still not achieved? The answer is simple, one becomes discouraged and might even give up altogether. This is where the pursuit of excellence comes into play. The focus shifts from trying to be perfect to striving for the best possible outcome.

Excellence, on the other hand, allows for room for growth and improvement. When one is focused on excellence, they are open to learning new techniques and approaches. They are willing to accept constructive criticism and make adjustments to their work in order to achieve their goal. This is why I believe that pursuing excellence is a much more realistic and achievable goal than pursuing perfection.

Now, let’s talk about why it is important to pursue excellence. For starters, pursuing excellence helps to build confidence. When you focus on being the best version of yourself, you begin to see results and this can help to boost your confidence. Additionally, pursuing excellence helps to create a sense of purpose and direction. You know what you want to achieve and you have a clear roadmap for how to get there.

Pursuing excellence also helps to create a positive work culture. When you strive for excellence in your work, others around you are inspired to do the same. This creates a culture of excellence that can benefit everyone in the organization. Furthermore, pursuing excellence can help to build a legacy. When you focus on being the best at what you do, others will remember you and your work long after you’re gone.

The pursuit of perfection may lead to frustration, disappointment and a sense of failure, while the pursuit of excellence leads to growth, improvement and success. So, instead of striving for perfection, focus on pursuing excellence and you’ll find that you will catch excellence in the end.





Joseph Omoniyi

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