Duchess Daily Affirmation: I Believe in the Power of Small Steps: Achieving Great Things One Little Thing at a Time

by Joseph Omoniyi
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I am constantly inspired by the achievements of black and African women. From trailblazing entrepreneurs to powerful politicians, these women demonstrate the incredible potential that lies within each of us. However, I also believe that we should not overlook the importance of the small things. Because while they may seem inconsequential on their own, a succession of little things can add up to something truly great.

It is easy to get discouraged when faced with the daunting challenges that life can throw our way. But I have learned that by focusing on the small steps, I can find motivation and purpose even on the most difficult of days. When I set my sights on small, achievable goals, I am able to build momentum and create the conditions for success.

For example, I may be feeling overwhelmed by a big project at work, but instead of getting discouraged, I choose to focus on taking small steps. I might break down the project into smaller tasks, prioritize my work, and set realistic deadlines. I might also take breaks to refresh my mind and recharge my batteries. By focusing on the small things, I am able to move forward with confidence and make steady progress towards my goal.

Another way to look at it is, for example, how much I dedicate to self-care. I understand the importance of taking care of myself, both physically and mentally, in order to perform at my best. But it can be easy to put self-care on the backburner when life gets busy. To ensure that I am taking care of myself, I choose to focus on small steps such as drinking enough water, eating nutritious food, and getting enough sleep. These small things help me to feel refreshed and energized, allowing me to tackle the bigger challenges with ease.

In conclusion, I believe that we can achieve great things by focusing on the small things. Whether it’s a big project at work, our personal goals, or our self-care, we can take small steps to move forward with confidence and achieve great things. So I encourage you to embrace the power of small steps and believe in yourself. You are halfway there already!


Joseph Omoniyi



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