Dr. Nyawasedza Lavhelani: from Being Typist Clerk to Senior Lecturer 

By Duchess Magazine

Nyawasedza Phellecy Lavhelani is from Dzimauli in the South African province of Limpopo. She began her basic school at Tshavhadinda and continued at Tshathovhela High School in Dzimauli, Matshavhawe, where she had already completed grade five by that point. She graduated from Rambuda Secondary School in 1988. Dr. Lavhelani disclosed to the writing team that despite her difficult upbringing and lack of parental support at birth, she had a lifelong passion for learning.

When Phellecy Lavhelani first began working at the academic institution in 1994, her sole credentials were her matric and a certificate in computer usage. The dedicated woman successfully climbed the academic ladder via her dedication and love of learning, and she now uses her position to motivate young people who want to become academics.

She began working as a typist clerk at the institution when she only had matriculation and computer certificates. She is now a senior lecturer in the college of management, commerce, and law at the University of Venda, having worked her way up from being a typist.

In 2003, she finished her Honours Degree in Administration at the University of Venda while still employed there as a typewriter clerk. She graduated from North-West University in 2005 with a Masters of Science in Development and Management (Course work) (Distance learning).

Dr. Lavhelani graduated with a Master of Administration from the University of Venda in 2011. 

Speaking to the University of Venda, she noted that: “I view education as a weapon. It is our weapon to conquer the world. Being educated enables one to make an informed decision and to have a voice within society.”

Dr. Lavhelani has earned a number of degrees from different universities, and in 2017 she graduated with a PhD in Public Administration from the University of Venda.

The driven individual began working as the chief administrative officer at the Centre for Higher Education Teaching and Learning at the University of Venda in 2010 and held this position there until July 2022 before transitioning into a senior lecturer.

Her story is indeed an inspiration to many. Bravo Doctor! 

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