Oprah Winfrey at 70: A Birthday of Gratitude and Self-Reflection

By Duchess Magazine

Oprah Winfrey recently turned 70 and she celebrated her birthday in a special way. She went for a run on the beach and expressed her gratitude for her health. She shared a video on social media with the caption, “Celebrating 70 with a run on the beach. #healthisthebestgift. Thank you for all the birthday love.”

During her seaside fitness session, Oprah wore a purple outfit from head to toe. She wore a long-sleeved top, matching sweatpants, oversized sunglasses to protect her eyes from the sun, and comfortable sneakers. She was joined by a friend and an adorable pup. In the video, she proudly exclaimed, “This is 70!”

Oprah Winfrey shared her thoughts on reaching the age of 70. She considers herself blessed to be alive and believes that getting older is a gift when you have the means to take care of yourself. She acknowledges that life is unpredictable and every day is a blessing.

When Oprah turned 50, she wrote about how each birthday can be seen as the end of great days or the beginning of something even better. She still believes in starting each day with joy and gratitude. Her word for this year is “praise,” and she aims to praise God, life, and every moment. She believes that a life filled with praise and gratitude leads to abundance and beauty.

Oprah revealed how her friends had wanted her to have a big celebration for her 70th birthday. They suggested parties, dinners, trips to spas or resorts, or even meditating in Nepal. However, Oprah decided to take a different approach. She followed the advice of her friend Wintley, who told her, “You’re too blessed to stress. Savor the fragrances of your extraordinary life.” This reminded her of a line from one of her favorite poems, “Love After Love,” which says, “Sit. Feast on your life.” So instead of a grand celebration, Oprah spent time going through old journals, photos, and memory boxes, reflecting on her life and appreciating the journey.

According to Oprah, she came across a letter from her friend Gayle, dated back in 1992. In the letter, Gayle expressed her sympathy for something that was causing Oprah anguish at the time. However, Oprah couldn’t remember what it was exactly. She realized that everything passes, and if you don’t write down the specific pain or heartache, you won’t even remember it. This is something that many people her age can relate to.

“What I celebrate this birthday (and beyond) is knowing that the person I know myself to be and the work that has come straight from being has mattered. At my age, you recognize the poignancy of time passing. Seventy resonates, letting you know for sure that there are not as many years remaining as you’ve already consumed. I take great satisfaction in accepting that regardless of how many more suns are left—the rising each time has been worth it, Oprah wrote in her reflection note”.

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