#DidYouKnow Queen Amina Of Zaria aka The Warrior Queen Of Zazzu Led An Army Of About 20,000 Men?

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Queen Amina of Zaria

A woman as capable as a man!

The legendary brave and powerful Queen Amina, leader of the Zazzua cavalry recorded extraordinary feats superceding that of her male counterparts. Her stellar achievements proudly placing her amongst history’s most revered rulers.

Born to Bakwa of Turunku a wealthy ruler in Zazzau – a city state of Hausaland later renamed Zaria, in Northern Nigeria in year 1533, Queen Amina’s interest drew her to train with soldiers of the Zazzau cavalry, during her father’s reign while there, she honed her fighting skills.

In 1566, the Bakwa of Turunku died and his throne was therefore conferred on his son, Karama, but fate had other plans and after reigning for 10 years, he also passed on.

The crown was therefore bestowed on Amina who had already established herself as a well-known warrior. She ruled during the sixteenth century for 34 whole years. Notably, during her first military expedition just a few months after the crown was conferred on her, Queen Amina led an army of about 20,000 men, proceeding to win every fight she ventured in.

During her reign as Queen, the nation witnessed tremendous development, amassing great wealth, increased power through conquest of territories and therefore expansion amongst many accolades. She also introduced metal armor, including iron helmets and chain mail, to her army.

Queen Amina of Zaria was the first woman to become the Sarauniya translated Queen in a male-dominated society.

The legacy of her fierceness, braveness and spirit inspired the television series Xena Warrior Princess.

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