Couples Are Asking This 9-Year-Old To Photograph Their Weddings

By Duchess Magazine

Nine-year-old Regina Wyllie always had a knack for photography. At age three, the fifth grader from Ayrshire, Scotland picked up one of her photographer dad’s cameras and asked how to use it. And on April 15, she shot her very first wedding.
“She first picked up a camera at the age of three when she asked to accompany me to a mountain bike race that I was shooting,” Regina’s dad Kevin told The Huffington Post. “Since then, she started taking cameras from my bags and asking me to show her how to work them. It just grew from there and I always made sure never to push her for it, preferring to let her ask the questions.”
Regina’s first official assignment took place on April 15, when she was asked to assist her dad in shooting the nuptials of a close family friend. The couple had seen her past work and wanted their wedding to be her first.
“I really enjoyed the wedding as I had to work quite fast, which was a challenge,” Regina told HuffPost. “It was great fun.”
It’s safe to say Regina’s work left a lasting impression.
“[The couple] was delighted,” Kevin said. “In fact, they told me that Regina’s shots, especially of their own children, had brought tears to their eyes.”
Kevin said that several other couples have now requested Regina’s services. She’ll shoot her next wedding on July 1.
“I have always thought [photography] would be a hobby — I wanted to be a fashion designer — but I’m now starting to think that I may become a professional, like my dad,” Regina said.
Regina was first discovered at age seven when a photo she took at shoot Kevin was working on was picked by Think Tank Photo for one of their Facebook advertisements.
Its not just weddings that Regina is interested in shooting. She recently had the opportunity to photograph a Rod Stewart pre-concert party (“My school teacher was jealous!” she said) and a world champion boxer with Kevin.
“I’m just enjoying learning different things about photography and art,” Regina said.
Check out more of the photos Regina shot at her first wedding below.
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