Couple Release Photobook Celebrating The Diversity Of Black Children

By Duchess Magazine

It’s a celebration of black magic and Atlanta based couple The Bethencourts are on a mission to empower kids. In hopes of empowering children of color to embrace their pride and fall in love with self, the couple just released a new photography book dedicated to celebrating the diversity of Black children across the diaspora.

Black kids

Super imaginative forces Regis and Kahran Bethencourt with a wealth of experience in lifestyle photography, through their company, Creative Soul Photography, reputed for its innovative and unique visual storytelling with their most recent series, AfroArt, celebrating the beauty of afro which went viral has now released a new book titled Glory, Because Of Them We Can reports.

The Bethencourts, traveling across the world to places including Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and Europe, collected visually stunning photos of each child, delving into their world and finding out their individual stories put up a visually stunning collection.

The new book “puts Black beauty front and center with more than 100 breathtaking photographs and a collection of powerful essays…a recognition and celebration of the versatility and innate beauty of Black hair, and Black beauty.”

The couple spoke to Because Of Them We Can about the inspiration behind Glory, saying, “We decided to create this book to go a little deeper and highlight the stories behind the art. We hope that readers will be able to see the beauty and diversity of Black kids across the African diaspora. We hope that kids viewing the book will be able to see themselves reflected in the stories included in the book and that it inspires them to overcome any obstacles they may face.”

The couple who take pride in “capturing under celebrated beauty” and putting it on the global map has been featured on CNN, The Real, BBC News, CBS News and more.

“CreativeSoul Photography believes that everyone deserves to truly be seen, so we go beyond just capturing beautiful snapshots. We’re more than just photographers. We are artists and trusted business partners obsessed with unique, visual storytelling and capturing unconventional beauty.  Our goal is to tell your own unique story through photographs that will last a lifetime.” It says.

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