Beneath The Clouds – A Rainbow ?

by Duchess Magazine
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Hope: depressed lady hoping for a miracle

There are days when I think it’s going to be okay, other days, not so much.

This is it, right here, right now, The future! Yep. This, is it.

How the hell did the future come by so quickly anyway? Weren’t you supposed to scale through the bumps on your journey towards adulthood and then have those serene moments when the lessons sink in as you pick up skill, aim higher, watching you explore and conquer the world, how did gliding all of a sudden come in the mix? This minute you’re learning how to navigate your way, the next you land in full blown adult zone! Talk about twenties going on 40s. You literally land the “you should have it mapped out” tag starring at you at your every turn.


Come to think of it; Wasn’t the future supposed to be THE happy place where it all ties up perfectly in a bow?? Wasn’t the future supposed to be the place where all your dreams come through as you wind up relishing the moment when you slowly do a proud display of the grand bow as credits begin rolling?

(Sighs..) My reality seems far from it. I’m still trying to figure it all out. Lord knows I’ve tried, I’ve worked my as* off on this journey but somehow pressure just keeps mounting!! I’ve tried all the talks, but somehow I just don’t feel like all them superheroes who work magic at their every turn.

Life is a mix but let’s just spill it like it is, I’ve seen luck play out a zillion times for others, so I get wondering, what makes one truly deserving, while others fall on the not so lucky side of the scale? Time? opportunity? Fate? Destiny? I sure need a lecture on that.

My life hasn’t been a smooth ride for sure and yeah I get it, life can’t be all rosey and fluffy, but, lord knows we’ve had way…too many bumps girl. Sometimes it seems like my whole world is crumbling apart and I just want to escape, escape from it all to some far far away land. But, let’s face it, I’m way too much of a realist to dwell in such frivolity. So this is me, here, now. I get to deal with this.

As the days go by, my hearts seems to grow heavier, tears come by more freely, a smile, harder to find, to fake. Days pass by in a blur, my heart lingering on unknown destinations. Nowadays, the sun does seem a little dimmer. Simple pleasures, harder to revel in.

Inhales…what’s this they say about brighter days ahead? What’s this they say about it all coming together? Could this be all there is? All there could ever be?? To put it simply, I’ve known a few laughs, many tears. How much more do I have to take?? Working up optimism isn’t cutting it anymore, but, I’ve never been a quitter. So I keep pushing…

Through it all I know my answer, sometimes life doesn’t turn out exactly as planned. Sometimes life throws us good days, other times it begs for more colour. But, within the gift of life lies hope. Hope of brighter days ahead, hope for sudden miracles, hope for a better, happier and more fulfilled you. HOPE. That Beautiful Thing Called Hope.

Beneath the pain, the heartbreaks, the world of uncertainty lies a bright splash of colours, waiting for the right moment, just one second is all it takes. That oh so unforgettable moment when the hand of the clock ticks and your whole world turns around with just one tap, instantly brightening up your world and soaking you in life’s unpredictable magnificence as you wonder if this would truly be your world.

The rainbow, beautiful, powerful, spell binding..within her grasp lies the most beautiful success stories there ever was, for those, who dared to hope, to believe, against hope.

Hope – Beautiful sweet magic. Right now, all I can do is hope, yes hope and pray of course. *Smiles*

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