American Icons Simone Biles and Allyson Felix’s Latest Initiative for Women Finds a Staunch Supporter in a ‘Super Excited’ LPGA Tour Star

by Joseph Omoniyi
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Albane Valenzuela, a rising star in the LPGA Tour, has expressed her excitement and support for the latest initiative launched by American sports icons Simone Biles and Allyson Felix to empower women.

The two Olympic champions have joined forces to create the Athleta Girls, a program aimed at providing young girls with access to sports and opportunities to develop their skills and confidence. The initiative has received a warm welcome from Albane Valenzuela, who sees it as a positive step towards gender equality in sports.

Valenzuela, who is originally from Switzerland, but now competes under the American flag, spoke about her enthusiasm for the Athleta Girls program in a recent interview. She expressed her admiration for Biles and Felix and their commitment to supporting the next generation of female athletes.

Valenzuela emphasized the importance of encouraging young girls to participate in sports and providing them with the resources they need to succeed. She also highlighted the positive impact that sports can have on a young person’s self-esteem and overall well-being.

The LPGA Tour star, who recently won the Women’s Amateur Asia-Pacific championship, is no stranger to breaking down barriers in the sports world. As one of the few female golfers of color, Valenzuela has faced her share of challenges on her path to success. However, she has persevered and is now using her platform to inspire and empower others.

In supporting the Athleta Girls program, Valenzuela joins a growing chorus of voices advocating for gender equality in sports. With the backing of high-profile athletes like Biles and Felix, the initiative is poised to make a significant impact in the lives of young girls across the country.


Joseph Omoniyi

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