When The Door Won’t Just Budge!

By Duchess Magazine

Duchess Bolaji Odunuga Founder and CEO Duke and Duchess International Magazines

“Don’t be discouraged. It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.”

Sometimes life goes exactly as planned, other times, not so much. Sometimes all it takes is just a slight nudge, other times, a strong constant push is more like it. Looking from the outside, as humans we tend to believe some people have it a whole lot easier, it just seems like all they have to do is wish and then, bingo! It’s the Midas touch at work. Sort of gets you wondering whether the thing called “luck” truly exists or is it just an ever intriguing, easy, well-thought-out convenient phenomenon, whipped up to distract from the truth?

Reality check: Whether or not the luck factor exists, fact is, life experiences and the accompanying challenges are relative. We might feel it’s totally unfair that some individuals basically scale through EVERYTHING, at least it looks that way, but in actual fact, that’s not the real picture. We all have our varying challenges and yes, life does throws us varying baggages, but, it does balance out in the end.

Dreams fuel us, they give our lives meaning, spark and purpose, but, while anyone can dream, not everyone will land at their desired grand destination. Most often than not, unlike the easy path we would choose for ourselves, our journey to success is riddled with tons of challenges and then what happens? Most of us give up. Barriers and tests ultimately determine those who scale through to reach their goals and those who don’t make it to the finish line. At the end of the day, what it all boils down to is inner grit and resilience.

Duchess Bolaji Odunuga: Founder and CEO of Duke and Duchess International Magazines

While intelligence, talent, skill, hard work, vision, ambition, openess to opportunity, extrovertedness and other personal characteristics have in fact been associated with the most successful of people and yes, I do agree it unarguably does matter, sheer grit, perserverance and tenancity supercede all determinants of success.
The big picture of our dreams no matter how crystal clear it is will require persistence and resolve to pull off.

Road to success: Discouragement will set in, even from the most unlikely of places, those whom you thought would more than willingly offer support will give you the cold shoulder, a lot… of “Nos” will be said, a lot of doors shut and yes, ‘self doubt will tend to creep in, threatening to shatter any iota of confidence left, but, at those trying moments, we must have the courage to keep pushing forward, keep believing inspite of fear and the glaring overwhelming challenges.

It is perserverance that reminds us of the end goal, fuels our passion and hunger and helps us stay focused with our eyes firmly on the prize. It is perserverance that helps us embrace positivity inspite of gripping fear, helping us trust the process, believe in hope and forge ahead despite setbacks encountered. Grit reminds us there will always be barriers, but it also reminds us we can overcome if only we don’t give up.

Perseverance gives us hope, the determination to go on. It helps us hold on even when we feel like handing it all in. Perserverance draws you back and holds your head up when it all seems way too much, she soothingly keeps whispering – “Just one more time.”
This, combined with other necessary ingredients eventually helps us achieve our goals in the face of the most intimidating obstacles.

Drawing the curtains, this is just a daily reminder that your breakthrough is near. Don’t give up! In our daily endeavours, let us try to embrace perserverance, she’s the key to bringing our dreams to reality we all need.

Written by Duchess Bolaji Odunuga.

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