Upping The Creativity Game! Meet Laetitia Ky The Ivorian #Polyvalent Artist Who Makes Unbelievable Art With Her Hair

By Duchess Magazine

Laetitia Ky: The Polyvalent artist who makes art with her hair

Forget knives, sand, water and what have you, all this super imaginative artist needs is perhaps a comb and a thread!

Laetitia Ky uses hair to create art

Laetitia Ky uses hair to create artFeminist artist Laetitia Ky, 24, from Ivory Coast, has endeared herself to many with her originality, creating unbelievable sculptures from her hair and using her art to touch on different powerful causes.

A graduate of Business Administration from the Institut National Polytechnique Felix Houphout-Boigny in Yamousoukro (Ivory Coast), Laetitia fully followed her passion after discovery of her artistic side which also led her to study fashion design, she later delved into hair artistry in 2016, fusing hair and sculpting.

Each sculpture takes between twenty minutes and six hours to create.

Laetitia Ky uses hair to create art

Her works which raises awareness, touches on feminism, sexual harassment, police brutality and all. Her work on the #MeToo movement went viral. In order to show support during the #EndSARS campaign she also utilised her hair.

Applaudably, the artist who never fails to wow her audience has over gained recognition globally and now has 388k followers on Instagram to prove.

Laetitia Ky has been recognized as one of the 35 most influential young people who speak French by Prix Jeunesse Francophonie 3535 (2018) and one of the “100 people who dominate 2019” by the New York magazine Paper Magazine.

Photo Credit: @laetitiaky

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