This Black Couple Are Behind The First Black-Owned Contactless Grocery Store In Atlanta

By Duchess Magazine

Jamie and Jilea Hemmings: Are Behind The First Black-Owned Contactless Grocery Store In Atlanta

“This type of technology will revolutionize grocery shopping, and we’re over the moon to be the first to introduce this technology in the South,” Jamie and Jilea Hemmings said in the release. “Nourish + Bloom Market grew out of a necessity for our family and sprouted into a way to increase access to healthy, organic foods for shoppers.”

Say good bye to traditional shopping!

Inspired after their oldest son was diagnosed with autism, they decided healthy eating was the way forward for everyone and launched into making it happen, birthing their Georgia based Nourish + Bloom initiative, the first Black-owned autonomous grocery store in the U.S with aim of providing 24/7 healthy food while ensuring convenience and enjoyment.

With the pandemic, the Hemmings have created a shopping experience limiting physical contact through technology.

The grocery store, leveraging on technology offers the luxury of customers grabbing their items and paying without the hassle of being present and waiting in line. Customers just have to scan a QR Code from Nourish + Bloom’s app that connects to their digital wallet.

“The future of grocery shopping is exciting,” Hemmings said in a press release. “Technology has transformed the way people shop especially after Covid 19. In fact, 87% of consumers prefer to shop in stores with touchless or self-checkout options which create a more frictionless checkout experience.”

The market’s technology utilises robotic delivery that can switch between hot and cold temperatures, in respect to what’s being delivered as well as the robots being able to interact with customers.

Nourish + Bloom offers freshly prepared locally-sourced craft items, meats, baked goods, dairy and prepared breakfast, launch and dinner meals, as well as everyday convenience items. All of the products in the market are minimally processed high-quality ingredients (no GMOs or High Fructose Corn Syrup), Afrotech reports.

“We’re proud to be the location of the first Black-owned autonomous grocery in the world,” Rob Parker, president of Trilith, said. “Nourish + Bloom Market brings a new level of sophistication and innovation to our town and the greater Fayetteville area. This exciting addition perfectly aligns with our commitment to prioritizing green living while bringing together entrepreneurs, makers, and creators of all backgrounds.”


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