Temitope Falusi’s Story – Part 3

By Duchess Magazine

Chronicles of a black woman
I got into another relationship with a guy called Tolu. He was very loving, caring and committed. Things heated up quickly and people quickly identified us as a pair because we were inseparable.
He trips me, took me everywhere. We went clubbing, we went swimming, we went partying, places that I had not been before and most especially, we had passionate sex. Everywhere we went, we made love, very passionate; in the car, in the toilet, in their sitting room, in the swimming pool where others were swimming. We were so crazy in love and so inseparable.
We made love on a couch where his friends were sitting in the same living room, we covered ourselves up. We would leave his house to his sister’s house to make love in her house, before his sister and husband came back from work. It was really crazy.
Please ask me, where else we didn’t make love and I will say nowhere else, but simply everywhere.
We were same age, started thinking alike and behaving alike. He took me to his house, met with his mum and siblings and things went fine.
Then came a day, he took me to a white garment church (Spiritual) where they prophesied. I had never seen such before in my life; the elderly man prophesied to us and so when we left I was laughing, he was very upset and he explained to me why things like that were important. I could not argue on the issue because I loved him so much and anything that he thinks made sense, made sense to me, too.
My journey began as we went from one church to another, mostly white garment churches to pray, and we did a lot of secret and deep stuff together. After work I would not go home, instead, I preferred to sleep in his house. I lied to my mum that I would be staying back in the office because of lack of transport, and because she had no voice, she did not ask.
Soon, I gained admission into a polytechnic that was like four hours away from home. It was quite difficult for us because we were so used to being together. So, I do leave school every Friday to spend the weekend with him and suddenly school went on strike (lucky for some).
I left school and went to his house. I got to his flat that sunny afternoon, and went to his mum’s flat to say hello and I found her in a pool of her blood. I was so scared and shaken but she was alive, but in pain. I offered to clean her up, she could not get up from the bed. I helped her and cleaned her up. While cleaning her up, Tolu came in, saw us and left.
Lifting his mum up and cleaning her, I gave her medicine and she asked me to call her neighbour. I called her neighbour; she was a nurse, she told the lady she had malaria so she should give her malaria injection, she did and left.
That night Tolu cried and told me his Mum had urothelial cancer (bladder cancer), but she didn’t want a lot of people to know. They were planning to fly her abroad soon.
He then explained to me why he was always going to white garment churches and told me for a year he couldn’t walk on his feet. He showed me his legs. He explained it to me this way-“we live in a very wicked world and you have to be aware of that, a lot of people don’t like you, they don’t want you to progress, so you have to be careful.”
Tolu then turns out to be my dad and mum that I don’t have. He listens to me, he protects me, he buys me new cloths not used cloths. He shows me to his friends as the best thing that happened to him. I felt lucky, safe and happy. Actually one of my friends asked him to start dating her too (lol).My friends were full of envy, and they now want to be identified with me as a friend. Imagine!!.
Every Thursday we had to take his mum to a Muslim preacher (Alfa) to kill a ram for sacrifice for his mum’s life, every Thursday we usually did that. We went to a lot of white garment churches and did a lot of spiritual stuff which I did out of ignorance.
I missed my admission at the polytechnic and never went back home. I was in Tolu’s house taking care of his mum. I was there for almost a year and not even my mum nor my dad made an effort to look for me. I was 20 years old. I was young and naïve. I didn’t realise what I was doing at that time was dangerous to my life, both then and the future.
We did all sorts of things and while doing that, we still went out and were still intimate as usual.
Note: The story continues next week.


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