Tamar Blue: Making Mental Health More Affordable And Stigma Free Through Technology For Everyone

By Duchess Magazine

Tamar Blue: Mental Happy CEO making mental health more affordable

It’s all about creating MentalHappy living especially from people of color who are more challenged in terms of emotional wellness and finding right support and championing the movement for a healthier, happier narrative is Tamar Blue, founder and CEO of MentalHappy, Inc., a company formed in 2016 which provides a safe, affordable, online community with support peer groups led by health and wellness professionals — including general medical practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists and even acupuncturists who work with scientific toolkits in collaboration with practical tips and advise.

MentalHappy CEO Tamar Blue in 2013, kicked off her entrepreneurship by cofounding an online staffing platform in Miami before delving into health technology years later.

“We know that 100% of us experience difficult life events that take a toll on our emotional wellness – whether it’s loss, injury, a breakup or financial hardship. But not everyone has access to mental health care — and the recent isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has magnified individuals’ emotional health struggles. MentalHappy offers individuals—irrespective of race, gender or socioeconomic status — a positive place to turn in tough times,” states Blue.

How the idea of MentalHappy came about;

Blue struggled with panic attacks for most of her life. Between racking up bills from therapists and trying to find more effective solutions, she started learning a lot about self-activated care. Then she began thinking of a way for more people to easily access professional advice and strategies in a setting where everyone feels comfortable.

Alicia Sanchez, who leads the MentalHappy group, Volunteering for Happiness, shares that she chose to launch a group because of the platform’s wellness focus and because she knows the power of groups. “Navigating life’s challenges can feel lonely. However, on MentalHappy you discover you are not alone. The people within these groups are here to listen, support, help, and give back,” Sanchez shares.

MentalHappy has appeared in major publications such as Forbes Reader’s Digest, TechCrunch, Silicon Valley Business Journal amongst others.

Tamar Blue earned her MBA after graduating from Florida State University with a dual degree in Sociology and Economics

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