Shattered Glass Ceilings: Kamala Harris’ Historic Win – A Triumph For All!

By Duchess Magazine

“My mother had a saying: “you may be the first to do many things, but make sure you’re not the last.” – Kamala Harris.

It’s an unveiling of a long awaited new chapter for every Black. Latina, Asian, Native American and White woman.

A new world where any and everything is possible. A world where the girl child regardless of skin colour and race, basks on equal opportunities, daring to dream big and aim for the number one spot, just because YES SHE CAN.

Kamala Harris shatters glass ceilings in US politics

An unfolding of a new world;

Harris’ ascension on January 20th, to the second-highest office holds weighty significance in the history books; far more than just being the 49th Vice President of the United States, the 56 year old Attorney and Politician proudly takes seat as the Woman, first Black and first South Asian Vice President.

This historic inauguration of Kamala Harris marked a turning point against century long crisis and demeaning beliefs. Walls of sexism, racial segregation and discrimination are being rightfully shattered. Harris’ win trimphantly trashes baseless definition of the old and places black women in their rightful place as power builders – proving the age-long lack of recognition deprived of the glorious race.

With lens set on equity, justice and total reformation in furtherance of a more progressive world, immigrants and persons of color would be presented with easier root for success.

Ms. Harris, of Indian-Jamaican heritage, rightfully described by President Biden as a “fearless fighter, has always stood out even right from her days at Howard University – one of the nation’s preeminent historically black colleges and universities. Before the present feat, the Vice President, had already established herself as a formidable figure in her chosen career. Harris made history as the first female and the first African American to serve as California’s attorney general. She also made history as a California’s junior US senator in 2017, she was only the second black woman ever elected to the US senate.

Called for a bigger purpose: To serve the people

Harris entered the Democratic primary in January 2019 but dropped out in December. But August 2020 proved to be a turning point for the top politician when she got hand picked by Biden, 78, as his number two, calling her “one of the country’s finest public servants”. That golden stamp will seal a much brighter future for the present and generations to come.

“American aspiration.”

“Even in dark times we not only dream, we do. We not only see what has been, we see what can be.” “We are bold, fearless and ambitious. We are undaunted in our belief that we shall overcome, that we will rise up.” – Kamala Harris.

Yes, Kamala Harris, a woman of color ranks tops on the power scale and yes, a black woman shattered one of the toughest ceilings there ever was. SHE DID THAT and we dare say, IT’s ABOUT TIME.

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