POEM: Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel – ‘Wounds from father’

By Duchess Magazine

POEM ONE Birthday wish‘Wounds from father’

  Just like A B C,
I am the boy on the swing,
I saw north and south,
I had to cry to laugh,
You had your eyes on my back,
Just to watch me learn of life,
Your warnings were never funny,
But i smiled a bit,
It meant you loved me,
You traded your pride,
Just to see me smile,
You broke rules,
Wishing one day i would rule,
Your hands stained my shoulder,
With the love of an African man,
Your love was elusive,
Your words were explicit,
They made scars on heart,
They were wounds from father,
Very striking and sharp,
Very imperative and apt,
When i go contrary,
Would father forgive?
He would teach me with the right hand,
And wrap me up  in his left hand,
Those were the   arms of an African man,
They sure were  warm and ripe,
Beaten by the hotness of the African  sun,
And coldness of the soil,
Those arms disseminated wounds from father,
Staining my heart with love of a father,
He would lap me at night,
When the lights are gone,
In warmth of the dark,
And from his eyes i saw,
From his lips spilled his heart,
To a young black boy,
Those were wounds from father.


3c86d7cf-75c4-4d56-b934-674ae1991123my name is Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel , i’m a poet from Nigeria . this poem ‘ wounds from father ‘ obviously is a poem dedicated to all fathers in account of the father’s day celebration ,for all their love. i thought about my father’s love and composed this concise poem . i hope this gets published on duchess international magazine. Thank you.

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