Parenting: Much More Than Just A Heady Title

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Parenting and importance

Impact. Legacy. Future.

A parent’s impact far supercedes any other form of influence a child will ever have.

While we might argue about other factors playing a part in shaping an individual, fact is, most of it ultimately boils down to parenting. Right from the moment a child is birthed, the parents are bestowed with the golden wand aka power for short, which depending on employment either “makes” or “breaks” the child.

Parents: Ever Present Figures every step of the way = Best Friend. First Teacher. First Role Model.

Being a parent is much more than just an aww worthy heady title, it is a powerful position which entrusts on every parent total responsibility for their child’s life – moulding the future – Hard Work!

Parents are mirrors, every word, action and attitude goes on a replay in the mind of a child and in no small measure consequently channels to carve out his identity, for glory or doom.

Kids are special, our biggest treasures who colour our lives in numerous ways. But more than just our biggest treasures, our children, matter of fact eventually become leaders of tomorrow. Children become adults they have been moulded to be.
That said, from the moment they come into our lives given their impressionable nature, kids need constant love, support and guidance so they become the truly amazing souls we believe them to be.

Parenting never means perfection;
Although officially taking on the parent label sorts of comes with tons of pressure, to be a good parent and impact your precious little one doesn’t equate the noble success tag in the eye of the world – Big bucks don’t necessarily sum up to big influence.

However, certain basics must be put in utmost consideration and checked to boost child development, setting them up for success as capable adults unafraid to take on new responsibilities, stand up to life’s challenges, attain new heights and bask in the awesomeness of their person.

What environment do we provide; loving or toxic? How well do we allow ourselves be treated? With respect or a pushover getting talked down on? What kind of messages do we groom them to hear? -negativity vs. positivity? Expectations meet attainment. Parents lay the foundation of a child’s thinking, actions and person.

In a nutshell, the importance of child-parent relationship cannot be overemphasized. Regardless of socio-economic background, parents should endeavor the basics such as; independence, confidence, self esteem, self acceptance, self love and basically, emotional security are worked on. Neglect should never be in the equation, regardless of how busy we are, when it does, it becomes a costly price not just the family, but society pays.

Children are precious, they deserve our love and attention. They deserved to be safeguarded and not left vulnerable to preys out there ready to trample upon glorious destinies. As a parent, be reminded your role in guaranteeing a much more happier, successful adulthood for your child starts with YOU.

Written by Yvonne Williams

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