Northern Nigerian Women Empowered with Hausa AI Video Series

By Duchess Magazine

In a bid to make AI education more inclusive and accessible across Northern Nigeria, the Kaduna State Government, in collaboration with Google and Data Science Nigeria, launched the AI for Beginners Learning Video Series on April 30. The program, delivered in Hausa, specifically targets women, aiming to bridge the gap in technological education and careers while emphasizing the importance of AI skills in driving innovation and prosperity.

The initiative is a response to the challenges faced by Northern Nigeria, including socio-cultural complexities and language barriers, which hinder tech education and career opportunities. According to a 2022 UNICEF report on Education Opportunities for Out-of-School Children, one-third of Nigerian children are not enrolled in school, with 66% in the Northeast and Northwest, highlighting the urgent need for women in Northern Nigeria to develop their tech skills for digital progress.

Governor Uba Sani expressed his government’s commitment to digital transformation and economic empowerment, particularly focusing on providing women with AI skills. He emphasized AI’s pivotal role in shaping the world and stated that by offering AI training, especially to women, Kaduna is creating an environment for a more prosperous and innovative Northern Nigeria, positioning the state as a leading tech hub.

The AI for Beginners Learning Video Series employs culturally relevant visuals and animations to simplify digital concepts, enhancing women’s involvement in the tech sector. The educational series is accessible on platforms like YouTube and in schools across Kaduna State.

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