”My husband of 3 years is gay” – I need help

by Duchess Magazine
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Dear Duchess

I got married to my husband in January 2013 in a well attended society wedding all my single friends wished they were in my shoes.

My husband is a very caring man and he always made out time for me and my son. We did not lack anything. Every weekend, he hangs out with his friend who was his best man at our wedding, while I and my son go and visit his mother.

My husband does not starve me of sex, infact he is a good lover. He makes sure I enjoy sex anytime we get down to it. So you see, I had nothing to suspect, no form of thought crossed my mind that he could be involved in a gay relationship.

This fateful Saturday, his friend came to see him as usual and I left with my son to see my mother-in-law.

On our way to to Surulere where she lives, the car broke down and I tried calling my husband to get the number of his mechanic, because he always insists I call him whenever I have any challenge with the car.

I called him severally, and he did not answer his calls. I finally got the car repaired but decided to drive back home.

On my way back home, I was still calling him, but there was no response and that got me worried. To cut the story short, I got home and my husband was seeing his friend off. I got angry and asked my him why he did not answer his calls, he explained to me that his phone was on silent mode.

He pleaded with me and since I knew he does not act like that, I let the matter go and prepared dinner.

My husband ate and went to bed early that night, so I decided to help him close the door of his study, when I noticed the portable camera we use for our home sex tapes running.

I was surprised and wondered why my husband chose to watch our video in his study. Another thought even crept in my mind, and I thought will my husband show his friend our sex tapes?

I quickly shrugged it off and moved to put off the camera, when I saw a picture of two men in the mini-view lens, paused.

I decided to play it, God! my feet could not carry my weight anymore. I almost fainted.

It was my husband of many years and the father of my son, kissing and having sex with his so called best friend.

I could not bear it anymore, so I shouted and called him. When he came, he told me he has been gay all the while, but he decided to get married so his parents would not suspect him.

He begged me not to expose his secret, but since then I have not been able to look him in the face or even share my emotions with him.

He has been begging me but I do not think I can live this lie anymore. I am planning to file for a divorce.  Right now, I need advise on what to do.

I need help.

Mrs M.

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