My Fiancee Hit Me Hard Because of His Ex-girlfriend.

By Duchess Magazine

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Dear Duchess,

My name is Sandra, 26 year old planing to get married in few months time to my fiance. We had four years of peaceful relationship,shared nice memories and we love each-other. Recently, My fiancee bashed into his ex-girlfriend and we all exchanged pleasantries and i learnt she is happily married. so instantly she exchanged number with my fiance, which i think its normal.

However, in recent times the frequent calls between them has been suspicious. I challenged him of my suspicion then he got very furious saying  i don’t trust him and he later that amounted to a fight, he hit me hard. Am confused  about these sudden reaction he put up, which has not occurred for the past four year, i need a good advice about what am experiencing, I do not know if he is still in love with his ex? Or rather I quite the marriage plans?

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