Meet Shauna & Taurean Curry: Helping Couples In Long Distance Relationships “Survive the Distance”

By Duchess Magazine

Shauna & Taurean Curry

Lack of face to face contact for most couples breeds lack of intimacy and mistrust which eventually leads to going separate ways. But in the age of the digital world, love doesn’t always come from the traditional setting so how does one manage to keep the fire burning even through the distance.

For Shauna & Taurean Curry although being miles apart by 1,886 between San Jose, California and Houston, Texas, for four years, the soulmates managed to conquer the odds to their happily ever after, sharing a last name. Now the power couple are on a mission to help others do same. Sharing the beauty of love and lessons learnt along the way.

Digging deep through their experiences over the years, they tap from lessons learnt while building a valuable long-lasting connection, beyond the physical and material, hence the benchmark of their new book- The Do’s, the Don’ts, and the Definitely’s of Surviving a Long Distance Relationship.

“We wanted to provide a valuable resource other LDR couples could pull from to use as a guide on how to sustain a successful LDR relationship, something we definitely wished we had during our time dating.”

Under the umbrella of their publishing company, One Mic Publishing, the Curry’s achieve their goal of giving people valuable ways to take their relationship to the next level.

Filled with vulnerable, real-life experiences and practical resolutions, “Surviving the Distance” promises a great read for couples regardless of their current relationship status.

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