Meet Senegalese Business Tycoon Yérim Sow

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Meet Senegalese Business Tycoon Yérim Sow

Yérim Sow, founder and Chairman of the Teyliom Group, a top-notch investment company stands proudly as one of Senegal’s most successful entrepreneurs.

The Teyliom Group spreads its wings across various industries across 16 countries in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East through 52 companies, boasting an impressive portfolio including luxury hotels Radisson Blu Dakar, Noom, Seen and Yaas, Bridge Bank among many others.

Born in 1967 the son of renowned Senegalese construction magnate Aliou Sow, founder of the construction group Compagnie sahélienne d’entreprise (CSE), the astute businessman has no doubt made a name for himself.

Yérim’s delve into the business world began through reselling products bought in Senegal during his trips abroad. He officially kicked off his entrepreneurial journey in 1988 when he founded his IT solution company, Direct Access, this was his first company in Senegal. In 1994 he delved into telecoms working in Senegal and Ivory Coast,
on the pager market – precursors of mobile telephones, amassing great success.

Leveraging on experience and success garnered in the telecom market, he took a stake in Loteny Telecom, a mobile telephone operator holding the first mobile operator license in Côte d’Ivoire.
In 2001 he launched Teylium, Telecel Côte d’Ivoire came on board as the main investment. Four years later, South African telecom operator MTN bought 51% of Loteny from Yérim Sow. A year later, Sow through Teylium strengthened its activity and obtained a mobile telephony license in Cape Verde where it created the company TPLUS .

As years passed, the business mogul continued expanding his reach, especially in 2006, when Teylium pulled major diversification moves such as acquiring a stake in African Financial Holding, which later became BOA Group, the parent company of the Bank of Africa network, the Bridge Bank Group CI in Abidjan, acquisition of the Ivorian company Continental Beverage Company, real estate – Radisson Blu hotel and the Sea Plaza, amassing great success in the whole of Africa.

In 2013, the Teylium group was renamed Teyliom and has continued to wax greater over the years

Teyliom is a Pan-African Group based in Sub-Saharan Africa with a strong presence in various sectors in West and Central Africa such as Property, Hospitality, Finance, Industry, and Telecom.

The Group established in 2001, was initially active in the Telecom Sector, and shifted to Real Estate in 2005.

Teyliom, whose corporate mission is to contribute to Africa’s development by providing innovative products and services, based on its establishment in West Africa (Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire), has a staff of more than 1,400 employees.

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