Meet Rexy Rolle: VP one of the top black owned airlines in the world

By Duchess Magazine

Meet Rexy Rolle: VP one of the top black owned airlines in the world

Sherrexcia “Rexy” Rolle has managed to imprint her footprints in a hugely white-dominated industry. Airline VP, Attorney, And Artist, Rolle is living her dreams and there’s no stopping this diva! She is proudly Vice President of Operations at one of the largest Black-owned Airline in the Bahamas – Western Air Limited, valued at over a staggering $90million.

Owned by her parents Captain Rex Rolle and Shandrice Woodside-Rolle, who established Western Air Limited in September 2000, Rolle didn’t have it all land on her laps but with hard work, built her way to the top. She started working with them at age 12 and today commands a staff complement of approximately 190 and a fleet of 16 aircraft in the airline’s records.

Also an artist and an attorney, Rolle says she gets her inspiration from “all the divas” including super successful artist and fashion designer Rihanna. “She has perfectly meshed this fusion of pop music and island flair, and of course she turned out to be an exceptional businesswoman,” Rolle says.

On merging different career paths, Rolle explains that they’re quite related since both require finesse with words. She says, “You have to have colorful language. What makes for a really good read in the legal world is when you’re vivid and you’re able to express what you’re saying in not so straightforward language, even though it’s important to be clear and concise.”

“I’m really drawn to authenticity, being true to oneself and following what you always felt you should do,” Rolle says.

Even with all of Rolle’s success, society tends to pick a hole, making her fall short on the so called scale owing to her single status:

“It always reminds me that a woman can solve the world’s greatest problems, but at the end of the day, people want to know, is she single? Who is she dating? What’s her relationship status?” she says. “We have a long ways to go because we’re constantly looking to associate a woman with somebody. As great as she may be in her profession we want to know secretly, who is she dating.”

Rexy Rolle on developing her music, says, “The music journey is fairly new for me, and it requires me building and being consistent with putting out music and really building a base.”

“Once you’ve been successful at one thing, you have to humble yourself to be a student in something else,” Rolle says. Like Oprah has not been afraid to venture beyond television, she says, it is important to have guts to try new things even if you fail at some.

Then, while reflecting, Rolle says she would tell a younger version of herself to be more patient. “I strongly believe that where you’re supposed to be is where you’re going to be,” she says. “Don’t be so anxious to know it all right away. It’s okay to give yourself room to learn about yourself as you go. The better idea that you have about you and what makes you feel authentically you.”

“The airline industry is still considered to be a male-dominated field, but there are a number of women in different sectors of aviation who are demonstrating that women are just as qualified and competent in this field. Whether they are pilots, dispatchers, executives, operational managers, flight attendants, maintenance professionals … the list goes on. So, it’s not meant to disregard the quality work of men, but it’s simply acknowledging the great contribution made by women every day.”

“We should embrace our differences and encourage other women on their journey whether we fully understand it or not. To me, women’s equality is about the freedom to exercise your authenticity, however, that may look like, and it’s about being treated fairly in your home, school, and workplace or where ever you may go.”

“Allow yourself the grace to grow into the purpose God has for you. And when you celebrate others, you will quickly have reasons to celebrate yourself. So, I challenge us all to enjoy and embrace who we are inside and out and know that no one makes a better you.”

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