Meet Isaiah Gyamfi: A two year old maths genius who taught himself to speak Japanese

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Isaiah Gyamfi maths genius and polyglot

At just two, Isaiah Gyamfi from Ghana can count in at least four different languages and can even solve complex maths problems, little surprise, the kid genius has now become an international sensation.

The self-taught wonder kid who learned how to count up to 40 in Japanese in less than 24 hours after watching Japanese numeracy can amazingly write, count in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Yoruba and solve multiplication and subtraction Maths problems.

Gyamfi at such a young age can also identify flags. His 30-year-old mom, Jazelle, from South West London, an early childhood education teacher has been instrumental to his phenomenal achievements. She noticed her son was gifted even from just a few months old.

Speaking to the Mirror, she disclosed that he was able to grasp new information easily from the age of five months.

Two year old math genius and polyglot Isaiah Gyamfi Maths genius Isaiah Gyamfi and mum

Jazelle recalls her son watching a phonic video on her phone on YouTube.
”He scrolled to the videos at the bottom and clicked on a Japanese numeracy video,” she said. After listening to it once, became fixated, and asked to watch it again.

”Then before I knew it, he would recite the numbers back to back,” she said. According to her upon realising her son was keen on languages, she showed him a video in Spanish and subsequently got him Spanish flashcards. Jazelle swung into action literally turning her living room into a numeracy and literacy environment so as to encourage him when her son turned four months old.

Amazingly, Jazelle recalls he correctly pointed out letters when he was eight months old, and weeks after, he would sound them out using phonics.

“I was first taken back and thought, did my 8-month-old just call out letters? I remember just laughing nervously, but I was so excited and wanted to hear it again,” she said in her interview. “I thought maybe it sounded like he said the numbers and letters, but he actually said something else. But he continued to say it, which confirmed what I thought

Jazelle stated her son loves Maths so much that he teaches his friends at nursery school. ”I recall one of his nursery teachers telling me that he sat with his friends and helped them learn their numbers.”

Gyamfi’s parents plan to take him to a child psychologist to be assessed because they believe he’s gifted.

“I have never had experience with a child like him, and I’m saying that with over 10 years experience in early years education,” his mother said.

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