Lover’s paradise

By Duchess Magazine

Oh Woman!
Along the iconic aisle, your smiles gently suits nature!
In the beauty of thy soul,
How your heart burns and burns and burns but suddenly turn to an ice, strange is it, isn’t?

At thy womanhood, the patriarchal pillars shivers in its ancient hegemony,
Thou manful woman of our era.
Thy words of our Duchess springforth intelligence like the sage of our fathers making us whole again.
Your writings are profoundly outstanding in liberating men,
Making our tears dry off after reading your works.

Like a beauty in its sepia will I behold you.
looking at thy lovely eyes outside your spectacles made me loose resistance but the gods gave me fortitude in years back, which held me back.

little things!!!
Those little things?
Those little moments?
They aren’t little.

Friend, I didn’t come this far, to only come this far.
Watch me.
I will go to my sun for you,
And if i am burned by its fire,
I will fly with my scorched wings,
But to love you with a love that is more than love, shall I do.
Let me colour your world with my simple but rugged self.

You are a work of Art, not everyone will understand you.
The ones who do
Will never forget about you.
Of which am part,
Never be moved by anyone saying,
oh woman, you are perfect in thyself,
You are success
And success is you.

In the walls of the room of my heart;
Your flowers started to bloom, they dazzle in light.
Your smile is my life, don’t frown lest I die in shame and agony.
Of all the lies you told,
I LOVE YOU was my favorite.
Even your lies are true but they are the truthful lies.

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