Jennifer King rewrites NFL history as first Black female position coach

By Duchess Magazine

Jennifer King rewrites NFL history as first Black female position coach

From coaching intern to team assistant running back coach to making history as the first Black woman to lead a position coach in an NFL game!

Recall in January King was named as the first full-time, African-American female assistant position coach in NFL history.

The recent promotion was praised by Washington head coach Ron Rivera, who said that the “sky is the limit” for the former seven-time All-American tackle football quarterback.

“She is a hard worker, a great communicator, and a quality person,” Rivera said in January.

“Coach King is always eager to learn and has shown tremendous growth since starting here last season … the sky truly is the limit for her.”

King, 37, is the second female gameday coach in NFL history, and the first African-American woman to have the position.

“I fell in love with football at a super young age — like four or five years old, started watching football with my dad and just going to high school games on Friday night,” King said earlier this week on “On Her Turf,” an NBC program highlighting women in sports. “I just fell in love with it. I was fortunate enough to start playing tackle football around 22, and played for many years as a quarterback.”

“When I started getting into football more and more, I knew I wanted to coach,” she said. “Ultimately, through a lot of hard work and a few other spots, I ended up in the NFL.”

King in reaction to the promotion and achieving feat as the first full-time black female assistant coach said it’s “super special” to her.

The former footballer who had played as a seven-time All-American quarterback and wide receiver for the Carolina Phoenix of the Women’s Football Alliance from 2006-17, has also previously coached in the National Football League, the Alliance of American Football, and in the college ranks.



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