Jamaican Woman Becomes Queen In Nigeria.

By Duchess Magazine


Chanel Chin, daughter of Rastafarian reggae artiste Ludlow Chin popularly known as Bobo Zaro, and Marion Morgan is officially the queen of the Iwo Kingdom in Nigeria after her marriage to King Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi earlier this year.

King Abdul Rasheed, now known as the Imperial Oluwo of the Iwo Kingdom in Nigeria, after his ascendancy on November 10, 2015, met 32-year-old Chanel Chin in Canada, where they dated for awhile before Abdul became king.

Chanel Chin disclosed that she is very honored to Represent Jamaica in such a big way, She said: “My ancestors were taken away as slaves, but I have returned to Africa as a queen. One’s destiny cannot be altered. As a young child, I always wanted to come to Africa, but didn’t know how. I feel this is a great opportunity for black people worldwide to return to their home.”

The queen added: “Our forefathers and ancestral mothers were cast away as slaves to never return, but I want Jamaicans everywhere to know that Africa is so nice. The culture and traditions are so rich and lovely. It’s truly something every black person should come and experience.”

Chanel explained that as queen of Iwo land, her responsibility is to always set a proper example for young girls and women in the community.

In her present position as a Nigerian queen, she said she faces only minor challenges one of which is her being not fluent in the native language which is Yoruba.


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