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by Duchess Magazine
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Surulere is full of beauty and greatness And one of those is Yahya Khadeejat a teenage female mechanic that resides in rabiatu thompson area of surulere when her peers are busy being slay mamas and slay queens she was busy planning on how to better her life and not being a liability to the community and herself.

What caught my attention is the will she has to be better than she is and zeal to be independent and self sufficient. I paid a visit to her workshop where is she presently an apprentice and i was amazed at her intelligence. she is a young lady trying to make a change in our community. She said learning about cars is her hobby while she was young and she want to fulfill her dream of learning more about cars, although she is an art student who wishes to study mass communication for her tertiary education and hoping jamb will favour her this time around instead of just laying around idle she took the bold step of fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming an engineer.

It has been a year and some months and her brand of car is Mercedes Benz cars and Japanese cars.
She has a dream of one day having her own company and empowering young girls to be self reliant and not depend on boys for survival…
Lets encourage hardwork and patronize her as she has proven to be a true and progressive youth of surulere. What are you waiting for when next you need a mechanic and your car is japanese pls endeavour to patronize Yahya Khadeejat our Youth of the week.. Khadheejat Yahya

Written by Duchess

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