I enjoy my father in-law in bed than my husband

By Duchess Magazine

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Dear Duchess,

I married my husband who was self-employed and settled in a small town. I was a nurse and that meant hard working days dealing with the NHS shortage in nursing staff. I had my mother and father support but I realized my in laws were not so inclined. They, for some reason resented me and I decided to live with that.

After having our first daughter, I noticed my father in law looking in a very interesting way at me and I would have to say, I liked that because I thought he did not like me so I went with a smile and soft eyes.

One day, while my husband was out at a job site, the doorbell rang and to my surprise, it was my father in law with a box of chocolates and told me he was saying hello. I sat close to him and just as I did, he grabbed me and printed a kiss on my lips, said sorry and left. Next day, at the same lunch time he showed up again knowing his son will be away on a job site, this time, there was no waiting, he took me to bed and I admit he was better than his son in every way. My husband is not sexual and his interest had declined after we had our first child to the extent of twice a month at best and it used to be a quick relief for both. His father was in his late 50’s but gave me multiple pleasures at least twice a week. He cared for me when I was poorly and brought me food and of course all that was at his breaks from his higher-up job at a factory close by.

Time passed and I started feeling guilty because I was pregnant and did not know who the father was but really did not care because it will be the same genes anyway.

My mother started to visit us to help with my daughter while I was at the infirmary. My mum confessed to me later that she has been sleeping with my father in law and she was not aware of the fact that he was sleeping with me a couple of months earlier. My mum is a pretty lady and she was having problems with my father’s drinking and lack of interest.

I had my baby boy and funny enough, my husband named him after his father (my father in law). I was speechless because that could well be my in law‘s baby. I let this go for a few years but decided to tell my husband about his father. I expected hell but to my surprise, my husband just looked at me and told me he appreciated me telling him and he was going to take care of it with his parents. Nothing happened except that we grew distant from his family. I believe he told his mum because she looked at me like a cheap whore, I could see her face and read it.

There is more that I need to vent out but will leave that to another opportunity. I am still married and have 4 children. My father in law passed away many years ago and my sex life is in shambles but thanks to ageing I don’t miss a lot.


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