Help! We seem not to be compatible, But am deeply in Love .

By Duchess Magazine

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Dear Duchess,

My name is Veronica,I have been with my boyfriend for sixteen months and everything is great until we have a disagreement. I really love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him but I am wondering if it is just a reality that some people are not compatible and are not meant to be together, no matter how much they love each other?

We seem to get on so well and I am so happy to be with him but we also have the most terrible arguments and then I cry for days and wonder why we are even together.

He says that he loves me and wants to always be with me, but that he doesn’t know how to handle the conflict and he doesn’t want to have so much disturbance in his life as this makes it hard for him to concentrate at work.

The other day I was supposed to meet my mom at her place to go shopping with her. My car cut out just after I got onto the freeway and I could not get it to start again even though I kept trying. My sister works close to where I broke down, so I walked to her office. When I got there I saw that she was very upset and she told me that she had just found out that her husband was having an affair. I stayed with her so that we could talk about it and then later organised for a mechanic to help with my car.

Anyway, when I finally got home my boyfriend seemed to be more concerned about what was wrong with the stupid car and how late it was, then how upset I was for my poor sister!

When I told him about my sister he said that her husband was a snake and always treated her badly and she should just move on with her life now!

He went to call the mechanic immediately to find out what was wrong with the car and asked the mechanic to check some other things that he was worried about at the same time! Meanwhile I was crying my eyes out over my sister and he’s rather talking to the mechanic!

I can’t believe what an insensitive jerk he can be and he just doesn’t understand why I am so upset!

Please help as I really love this guy when he is not being an insensitive jerk.

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