Help! Son says that my new husband is cheating on me

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Dear Duchess,
My name is Solace, Please help me with a problem I am having. I remarried a year-and-a-half ago after having been on my own and battling for four years.

I have two children from a previous marriage

My younger child is a five-year-old girl and my elder is an 11-year-old boy. My son did not want me to remarry and has never got on with my new husband.
My children see their father every second weekend and they have a good relationship with him. He is very irresponsible and although he spoils the children when they are with him, he does not consistently pay child support.
He is a good-looking man, who grew up very wealthy and behaves like an irresponsible spoilt brat. He had had several affairs before I left him.
He tells me that he will take the children from me if I sue him for maintenance, so I support them on my own.
I got married to my current husband after seeing him for a year. My new husband helps to pay all the bills and even bought me a new car when mine broke down and was costing too much money to keep repairing. He also pays the kids’ school fees and they are on his medical aid. My husband tries to get on with my kids and my daughter adores him.

My son is rude to my new husband and makes no effort to get on with him

He is cheeky and doesn’t listen to a thing that he says. Last month my son told me that my husband was meeting with another woman when he was supposed to be waiting for him to finish his soccer practice. He says that he even saw them kissing.
There is no way that this is true and my friend who was at the same soccer match, watching her son says that my husband was talking to the other dads the whole time.
I am at my wits end and don’t know what to do as I don’t want to jeopardise my relationship. I am also worried that my son is going to turn out like his father! I really need help on how to manage this.
Thank you

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