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Dear Duchess,
My name is Lovelyn Its with a heavy heart I write you This mail in tears, pain and heartbreak. My story is quite long but will make it short because am exhausted and can’t type much.I am a lady of 24yrs age, graduate n awaiting service, I have been in a long distance relationship for almost 2yrs plus nw but we communicated every single day, I live in lagos nigeria and he lives in another country but we met in Nigeria 6yrs ago during his youth service before he traveled out. We were just friends back then because I wasn’t ready for a relationship n needed to focus on better things (my future)‎. Along the line we stopped communicating but reconnected on his birthday two years ago so we started talking and then grew fund of each other that we could not go a day without hearing each other’s voice. To cut the long story short he broke with me recently and begged me to move on that he needed to move on and find a girl to settle down with that ‘s based in same country with him because he cannot continue with the distance with me. I don’t know what to do as it seems his mind is already made up and I have no choice than to let go and hope that love finds me. Have been dedicated and faithful to him and I understand he’s lonely n his reasons for wanting to move on with someone closer to him but am heart broken.
Please I need some words of encouragement to help me get rid of this pain and heartache, and I hope I can heal soon so I don’t fall ill.

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