Help, My Boyfriend is a serious bully

By Duchess Magazine

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Dear Duchess,
I plead to be Anonymous I am in a relationship and have been with the guy for six years. He always belittles me and never allows me to go out with friends and be with my family. If he does he always has to be there.
We have been going out and he has shown no commitment He left his job and everything was placed on me to support our relationship. I am so unhappy with the relationship but when I tell him how I feel he tells me that I will never be happy and nobody will make me happy and that he will kill me if I leave him. He even threatens my family and tells me that accidents happen.
I am scared to tell him anything because of the way he is going to react I have a friend that I met eight months ago who has been there for me and now I think I have fallen for him. How do I tell my current boy friend who I have been with for six years that I am not happy and found someone who does make me happy?

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