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Ange Kagame is the second child and only daughter of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda.As President Kagame’s daughter, she completed her education abroad for security and privacy reasons. She has been involved in causes that include women empowerment, education and poverty eradication, as well as mass vaccination campaigns.
Kagame was born September 8, 1993 in Brussels, Belgium. Her father is Paul Kagame, the sixth and current President of the Republic of Rwanda and the leader of Rwanda’s majority party the Rwandan Patriotic Front. Her mother Jeannette Nyiramongi is the first lady of the Republic of Rwanda.as the first daughter of the president, she holds both formal and informal power and influence.

Kagame completed her education abroad and was absent from the public eye for most of her childhood due to security and privacy reasons. She attends Smith College where she majors in Political Science with a minor in African studies. In college, she has excelled in academics and is known to her friends as a considerate and amiable person.Kagame can speak three languages, English, Kinyarwanda, and French.

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