A Thousand Cheers to Duchess Bolaji Odunuga: A Phenomenal African Queen Taking the Wave of Transformation in Black Community Across the World

By Duchess Magazine

Celebrating a Woman of Impact

A Thousand Cheers to Duchess Bolaji Odunuga: A Phenomenal African Queen Taking the Wave of Transformation in Black Community Across the World

As the world celebrates another milestone in the life of Bolaji Odunuga, CEO of Duchess and Duke International Magazines, IT Security Analyst, Entrepreneur, Mother of three handsome boys, and Rotarian, it’s impossible not to recognize the outstanding impact she has made in her various roles.

“Duchess Bolaji”, the 70th and first black President of the Rotary Club of Crawley, United Kingdom, embodies the essence of a true leader, selflessness, advocate, and community builder.

Renowned for her exceptional leadership and commitment to showcasing the accomplishments and relevance of African descent, Bolaji brought a wealth of experience to the Rotary Club of Crawley during her service. Her role as the Organisation Lead for Africa Community in Surrey & Sussex (ACISS) demonstrates her passion for creating positive change in diverse communities.

Those close to her would easily tell of her heart, made of resilience, determination, and gold. A proud alumnus of South Bank University with a degree in Business Information Technology, she has over a decade of experience in publishing, driven by the need to inspire women from all walks of life to become their best selves. In 2014, Bolaji launched Duchess International Magazine, expanding its reach to Nigeria in 2018, providing a powerful platform for African descent to voice their achievements and contributions.

In 2021, Bolaji joined the Rotary Club of Isolo, Nigeria, where she served as the image chair, quickly showcasing her commitment to service. Recognizing her exceptional contributions, Bolaji moved her membership to the Rotary Club of Crawley, assuming the prestigious role of President, a testament to her exceptional leadership qualities and unwavering commitment to the Rotary Club’s mission of “Service above self.”

Bolaji Odunuga’s remarkable achievements have garnered her numerous accolades and recognition, widely credited for her community services and selfless contributions across many communities. Her commitment to community development and the publishing industry is evident in her remarkable contributions to both fields.

As a woman of many parts, from a seasoned security analyst to a publisher and CEO, Bolaji has shown that she is not just a leader but a pacesetter in her own right as she sets her own goal-post while creating a path where many others find their footings. Her relentless drive for excellence and focus on promoting the achievements of African descent has brought Duke and Duchess International Magazines to the forefront of the publishing industry, making a significant impact in promoting African people, culture and heritage.

Bolaji is a woman of many talents, from being a seasoned security analyst to a successful publisher. She believes in the importance of self-love, respect, and integrity. Bolaji emphasizes the need for women to know themselves, their inner strength, and to live authentically.

Despite facing discrimination in her growing days in the publishing industry, she has helped many others overcome their challenges in the media with her own platform. She has been recognized for her work in promoting African culture and heritage, receiving awards for her contributions to the community. Bolaji Odunuga is a shining example of a strong, determined woman who has made a significant impact in her community and the publishing industry. Her commitment to service makes her a true inspiration to all.

Bolaji Odunuga is a walking example of the power of perseverance, dedication, and a deep-rooted commitment to making a difference. She continues to inspire women and men alike to reach greater heights, her story breathes hope and possibility into the lungs of everyone around, shaping a world filled with positivity and endless opportunities.

Happy Birthday, Bolaji Odunuga, a true Black Queen making waves and changing lives!

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