Girl power: Top Model Leomie Anderson calls on Fans To Stop Sexting

by Duchess Magazine
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Top British Model Leomie Anderson recently disclosed an open letter to her fans revealing issues regarding  sexting, explaining that “saying no doesn’t make you scared or frigid, it makes you smart”.
Model Leomie Anderson wants to remind young women that there is a difference between posting images out of pride and posting under pressure from a romantic interest, and that anyone who can’t accept their decision to say “no” doesn’t respect them or their bodies.
23-year-old Anderson addresses the reality that some of her young readers feel pressured to snap and share naked photos. “With the uncontrollable rise of social media and mixed messages that young people are exposed to,” Anderson writes, “more and more young girls are falling victim to being pressured to do things and having their most intimate moments shared on the Internet.”
According to her posts she buttressed issues regarding pressures from the males to females.
” In light of recent stories that have surfaced from young girls nudes being leaked, slut shaming, sexual assault and more, I felt it was important to reach out to my young readers and discuss the issue of consent, being pressured and the right to say NO.
I can’t tell you not to do what you want but I can tell you that some girls I know say their biggest regret in school was sharing an intimate picture or getting into a scenario where a video had or could have been leaked so I just want you all to know that you do have the option to say NO. I want you to know that if he/ she doesn’t want to accept your ‘no’ then he/she doesn’t respect you or your voice” She wrote.

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