From Waitress To First Black Owner Of An Outback Steakhouse In Detroit: Meet Gretta Jackson

By Duchess Magazine

From Waitress To First Black Owner Of An Outback Steakhouse In Detroit: Meet Gretta Jackson

With the right attitude, hard work, perserverance and consistency, anything is possible! Read Gretta Jackson’s inspiring grass to grace story and be inspired!

In a bid to make ends meet almost two decades ago, Gretta Jackson decided to take on job as a server, going on to spend 20 years working in different roles, now she gets to own the same Outback in Southfield. Few weeks ago the 45 year old was named Managing Partner at the Outback in Roseville, thereby becoming the first Black woman to own an Outback in the Detroit area.

“My roots definitely run deep in Detroit, 6 Mile and Davison. Raised by my grandparents, raised in the church and raised in love. Went to Detroit Public Schools and graduated from Detroit Northern in 1993,” says Gretta Jackson.

While interning in Corporate America, she knew life had much more to offer. Gretta was in her first semester of college 19 years ago when she birthed her daughter, Ashley. Money needed be made to take care of family:

“I made these decisions and choices and have to live with them but how, at 18, am I going to pull this off?” she said.

So she took a second job at the Outback Steakhouse in Southfield as a server to make a little extra money.

“I was about 23 when I started with Outback. And after starting with this company, I quickly decided that this could possibly be a career choice. They create an environment where you don’t have to be afraid to be yourself. You don’t have to be afraid to grow and develop.”

“I was working 30 hours a week, carrying 12 credit hours and had a new born baby. I got pregnant with her my first semester of college. So, that made me have to work a little bit harder to do some of the things. Because I now had 2 people to provide for,” says Gretta.

But now, thankfully it’s all turned around. Gretta shared her inspiring story on Facebook and it instantly went viral!

“You don’t have to make it in the history books in order to make Black history,” she said.

“Don’t let other people tell you what you can’t do because of your situation. Show them what you can do in spite of your situation,” Gretta said.

Reacting to the shock of how her story went viral, Gretta Jackson said;

“What started off as what I thought was just a simple post to celebrate a milestone in my life quickly turned into something else. I could never imagined so many people would come to say hi and thank you and congratulations to me in person. I’ve had people send gifts, flowers, Edible Arrangements to the restaurant for me. Just an overwhelming amount of love and support.”

Well done!

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