From Being Homeless To Owning A Multi-million Dollar Empire Jerricha Hoskins Is The Go-To Inspiration

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From Being Homeless To Owning A Multi-million Dollar Empire Jerricha Hoskins Is The Go-To Inspiration

Hard work + Passion = Winning Magic Formula!

Arcani Coil Care is one of the fastest-growing black hair care brands today but her backstory is all shades of inspirational.

Jerricha Hoskins, founder of Arcani Coil Care had a rough path to success, from a tough childhood to being homeless but within the space of two years, she was able to rewrite her story, grabbing title of owner of a multimillion-dollar fast-growing business.

Way back, she had lived in homeless shelters and at age 15, Hoskins’ mum left her foster care at Daybreak Dayton, a youth services organization, by age 18, alongside being homeless, she was a single mother, “I remember changing his diaper once and I could like see his hip bones and I just broke down like I can’t even, like, feed him,” she said.

But that didn’t leave her wallowing in self-pity, rather it spurred her to create a better life for her son, that determination birthed her natural hair care line “Arcani Coil Care.” Today, mom of six, Jerricha Hoskins is a licensed cosmetologist with her line vegan-based brand with hosts her, bestseller “Enthroned Edges” edge control:

“I’ve always wanted to be like Madam CJ Walker. And I’ve been using all the products on the market but it just didn’t work out for me. I used the most popular products and it just did nothing. So I started formulating things and just introduced it to the public,” Hoskins said.

Her success journey first started as a grassroots campaign on social media and amazingly its grown outside the shores of America spreading beyond Zambia, Canada, and the Caribbean. Houston, Atlanta, and Chicago are the company’s top American suppliers.

Hoskins, reflecting on living in a homeless shelter with her toddler after losing her home and having her vehicles repossessed also remembers her tough childhood, still grieving the death of the foster mom who wanted to adopt her, while not understanding why her biological mother didn’t want to repair the relationship.

Thankfully, it’s all in the past and Hoskins has been able to pull off her wildest dream – owning her hair care line.

“I have natural hair and can’t use things with chemicals so I used to create my own creams and moisturizers,” she said, noting the hair trauma she suffered as a child such as chemical burns. “I prayed during that time and even though people thought I should just focus on other things, it stuck with me and I know it was part of what I was destined to do.”

Hoskins and her husband after finding housing stability, began creating products in their kitchen, social media worked big as the main marketing tool for the company, and the edge control product specifically began to gain traction, it’s been from one milestone to the next ever since the

Now, the company has grown, employing mostly single mothers and foster kids who are aging out of the system. Hoskins noted it was important to cater her company to that demographic, since she relates to their situations.

“I’m very passionate about working with at-risk youth because I was an at-risk youth at one time. I know that if I was able to see something like this at an earlier stage it would’ve given me that extra push,” she said.

“Your present situation is not the end result,” she said. “And when you get to your goal, it is very important to turn to help others. Paying it forward keeps you moving forward and that’s very important.”


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